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We welcome anyone to join us for our weekly group sits, which include 30 minutes of silent meditation. Cushions (bolsters and zafus), blankets, and chairs are provided.


Sundays: 5:00pm – 6:00pm 

Tuesdays: 12:00pm – 12:45pm

Thursdays: 12:00pm - 12:30pm


These sits are offered in-person at the sangha house, located at 248 D Street in Salida, Colorado. The Tuesday sits are also available via Zoom by clicking here.  Please note that the Zoom option may not be available when Denise is not leading the sit.

On the first Sunday of each month, join us for tea and socializing following our Sunday evening sit.

These weekly sits are inclusive and open to all levels of practitioners, whether it's your first time meditating or a practice you've been exploring for decades. If you're new to sitting, please feel free to read our simple sitting guide by clicking the link below.

Image by Rajat Verma
Image by Lucas Ludwig


The Gradual Training

a daylong retreat

led by Aruna Dhammadhira


Save the Date!
Sunday, July 21, 2024

SIMC Sangha House
248 D St, Salida

Space will be limited. 

Registration opening 

in late May.  

Check the newsletter or here

for the registration link.


"The Gradual Training" is the Buddha's curriculum that leads to full liberation of the heart. This retreat will help you understand how the various practices of the Dhamma fit together and support progress on the path of awakening.  Aruna will be exploring this topic during the retreat, including sharing some sutta readings from Pali texts.  


The retreat includes Dharma talks, silent meditation, walking mediation, and a Q&A period.

Aruna is offering this retreat freely.  Your dana helps her lead a life devoted to teaching.



The Salida Insight Meditation Community strives to offer multiple retreats each year, thanks to the generous dana from our sangha community. 

We offer both residential and non-residential retreats, each led by recognized Buddhist teachers.

There is typically a late winter and early fall retreat with Brian Lesage.  We are working on another retreat this summer with Aruna Dhammadhira from the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado. 

These retreats often fill up quickly, so we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter or check our calendar to stay up to date. 

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Please Check Back for Upcoming Classes  

“The critical element in meditation practice is beginning again. Everyone loses focus at times, everyone loses interest at times, and everyone gets distracted over and over again. What is essential, and also incredibly transforming, is realizing that we have the ability to begin again, without blaming or judging ourselves, without thinking we have failed, without losing heart, we can, and need to, constantly be beginning again.”

–Sharon Salzberg

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