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Community Support

Holiday Greetings From the SIMC Board

We are so grateful that this year we have been able to gather again in person at the Sangha House. Your presence at sits, retreats, online, and in spirit, fuels our shared commitment to ending individual and collective suffering. These times call for stretching our hearts wider to minimize harm toward ourselves and each other. So being able to come together and sit in the midst of it all is a precious balm for us all.

Salida Sangha began to take root in 2003 with three people sitting together at the Annex of the Episcopal Church. And your persistent generosity has blossomed into the Salida Insigh Meditation Community with a physical home at 248 D Street. We currently are a community with weekly meditation sits, retreats with our guiding teacher Brian Lesage and others, as well as programs like Mindfulness in the Jail, Youth and Family Mindfulness, Mindful Recovery, Sangha Friends, Death Café, Meal Trains and our growing library!

Your generosity, or dana, takes many forms: house cleaning, snow shoveling, weed pulling, and also, very importantly, cash donations. As the end of the year draws near, we are asking you to consider making a monthly recurring, one-time, or yearly donation of any size to support our efforts to continue to be a refuge for our community.

Some folks have asked to understand our needs more clearly – our monthly expenses are approximately $1,350/month. To make our need simple to understand, receiving 8 - $40 or 16 - $20 recurring donations would enable us to cover our projected expenses for the coming year.

Giving to SIMC not only supports us on a practical basis, your generosity ripples out and has a profound impact on our Sangha community and the world at large. Thank you for your care and commitment to helping us offer a variety of ways for practitioners to engage with the Buddha’s teachings.

In light of the difficult conditions throughout our world

Let us sit deeply with the causes and conditions

That lead to suffering, violence and war

And cultivate the conditions that lead to

Justice, humanity and nonviolence.

With deepest gratitude for you practice and generosity,

The Salida Insight Meditation Community Board:

Roberta, Kym, Paul, Phil, Mike and Denise


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