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July Retreat & More!

A Daylong Retreat: The Gradual Training

Teacher: Aruna Dhammadhira

July 21, 9:00am-4:00pm

SIMC Sangha House

248 D St, Salida


"The Gradual Training" is the Buddha's curriculum that leads to full liberation of the heart. This retreat will help you understand how the various practices of the Dhamma fit together and support progress on the path of awakening. Aruna will be exploring this topic during the retreat, including sharing some sutta readings from Pali texts. The retreat includes Dharma talks, silent meditation, walking mediation, Q&A period.

The word “training” might sound a bit odd or even offensive to those who don’t want to be “jumping through hoops” either literally or figuratively. But consider this: Is there any successful athlete, musician or doctor who hasn’t trained? Similarly, when the mind is trained, it becomes incredibly helpful to ourselves and to others.

The phrase “ gradual training” reminds us that this is not a quick or spontaneous process. And though the choice is up to us to undertake the training or not, let us consider the manifold benefits of doing so. The results of a well-trained mind are increased skill, strength, flexibility, endurance, resilience and confidence to name a few. Wouldn’t we all want more of these valuable qualities? In contrast, an untrained mind can cause a great deal of damage.

Save These Dates!

Fall Retreat with Brian Lesage

September 14-15, 2024

Registration and details will be available in the middle of July.

Library News

Thanks to the generosity of our sangha members our library has these new titles:

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

A true classic, Sogyal Rinpoche's words are an enlightening, inspiring, and comforting manual for understanding the meaning of life, accepting death, and helping the dying. Its down-to-earth tone is peppered with songs and poetry from Buddhist sages and can help take away much of the intense fear of death.

Dalai Lama, My Son by Diki Tsering

A fascinating memoir about the Dalai Lama's mother, who describes the rituals and traditions of old Tibet, the discovery of her son's remarkable destiny and the arduous move to urban Lhasa before the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Rich in detail about their eventual escape and exile, this is a loving memoir which personalizes the history of the Tibetan people.

The Buddha's Way of Happiness: Healing Sorrow,Transforming Negative Emotion, and Finding Well-being in the Present Moment by Thomas Bien

This book helps identify the barriers to happiness we create in our lives and uses the eightfold path of Buddhist psychology to improve our ability to appreciate the small, joyful moments that happen every day. Recommended exercises, meditations and

concrete approaches to practicing happiness and well-being are drawn from mindfulness, “no self” and other ancient Buddhist insights.

COME CHECK OUT THESE AND OTHER TITLES AT OUR SANGHA LIBRARY. It is open before and after our Tuesday (noon) and Sunday (5:00 pm) sits and by arrangement with the library's co-managers, Chris O'Connor and Jackie Mart.


Thursday Silent Sit

Noon-12:30 weekly

This new group meditation is going very well - it is a simple meditation with no discussion. Please join us in silence!

And just a reminder that if anyone needs ADA access to the sangha house there is a ramp to the door on the D Street side. Knock there and someone will let you in.

Sangha House Yard Cleanup

Saturday July 13th 7:30 am 

Please help us tend to our landscape! Weed pulling and general maintenance is needed this time of year. Snacks will be available. Please bring water, a sun hat, sunscreen, gloves and any tools you may need to help out. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Sunny summer greetings to all,

Your SIMC board - Carla, Denise, Kym, Paul, Roberta


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